Welcome to Dave's Tropicals

We serve flower shops and garden centers in the northeast Illinois/Chicago region and northwest Indiana. Our tropical plant offerings are brought in fresh weekly from many growers in Florida and distributed weekly to our customers. The following pages outline our year-round offerings of tropical gardens in baskets, ceramics, and metal containers, along with single green plant tropicals in various sizes. Tropical blooming plants are offered in spring fully grown, full of color and fragrance, in tree and bush form. These tropicals arrive to you in full bloom and continue all summer for your customers. 

If you would like to see our tropical gardens, contact me and we will come by to let you inspect the various sizes and containers. Our business plan is to offer you a quality product for a low price when you need it. Communication through phone or email allows us to deliver according to your needs, helping us eliminate the use and cost of larger route trucks. Hope to hear from you soon.

Dave @ Dave's Tropicals